About Our Company

The company was founded in 2006 for providing all comprehensive interior related Turnkey Contracts under one roof, including, but not restricted to, Structural Works, Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Aluminum doors & windows, Painting & Polishing, all other allied interior works.

 We have been running Pioneers from Jordan so far. Our work consists of breaking down your technical requirements using a layered approach allowing us to design what is best for your organization, and once that is done, we go through the process of Implementation, and Maintenance and Operations.

 Pioneers can offer you the highest quality and best selection of products in the market providing you with all your electronic systems needs from the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

Pioneers can offer you an unrivaled level of expertise and technical support. With an electronic systems experience of more than ten years and a highly trained and motivated team of electronic engineers and technicians, Pioneers will make all the difference. Be it systems design, engineering, site coordination and supervision, cable testing and marking, equipment installation, commissioning or maintenance and after-sales support, Pioneers can guarantee you the best knowledge and the best technical support.